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Practice changes during the COVID-19 pandemic

UPDATE September 2021: The practice continues to be exclusively online for the foreseeable future. Please refer to Therapy and Fees pages for details. March 2020: In these unprecedented times, I wanted to outline how I am shaping my practice to… Continue Reading →

Self-harm and the body

Self-harm is an act with a broad definition which often includes suicide attempts, eating disorders and risk-taking behaviour. Within the area of self-harm, I will today focus more specifically on non-suicidal self-injury, this refers to any acts of injuring the… Continue Reading →

Which therapy is right for me?

Most of us make the decision to go for therapy when there is something in our lives we want to address, whether that is a recent experience or a more long-standing difficulty. However, finding a therapist can be a daunting… Continue Reading →

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