n. pl. pu·pae(-pē) or pu·pas

An insect in the nonfeeding stage between the larva and adult, during which it typically undergoes complete transformation within a protective cocoon or hardened case. Only insects that undergo complete metamorphosis have pupal stages.

[Latin pūpa, girl, doll. Root for pupil, puppet, puppy]

In this space I am inviting two areas I feel great passion towards to come together: Theatre and Therapy.

I spent many years on stage as a child and young adult, being part of an educational drama and theatre group from the age of 6. I have found inspiration, development, healing in acting, as well as  in the comraderie, reflection and deep emotional work that happens when working towards a production. Engaging with the text and working towards a character, bringing it all to life, watching theatre and being moved by movies has been a transformational experience on a personal level.

Ever since I started studying Psychology and training clinically I have often thought and felt viscerally the areas of convergence between these two areas in my life. Apart from the deep study of human behaviour, motivation and emotion, I feel there is further shared ground in the elements of transformation and catharsis that occur in performance and therapy.

Starting this project, I hope to attract like minded people from either profession who have an interest to share and develop through discussion, workshops and generation of further ideas.

This is the Pupa Project as it starts

Get in touch with your thoughts, ideas and to link up!


Pupa Project Services

Character development for actors

I am adding a new consultative service , working with actors who are at a stage of character development and wish to explore this process with a therapist.

Appointments available for actors, 1:1 or in small groups of 2 or 3 colleagues working on the same performance or having a common interest in a text.

The appointment can include considerations on character motivation, drives, behaviour, mannerisms. You may wish to explore your character’s history, talk through your own experiences that are relevant or fuel your performance or any other area you feel would benefit from consultation with a therapist. I will offer my expertise on mental health and support you to enhance your process and immersion in your character.

The appointments last 50 minutes for 1:1 and 90 minutes for group.